Paloma Azul

Thomas Bell works for MIX, an ultra-secret branch of British Military Intelligence.
Thomas Bell is the new James Bond.
MI5 and MI6 had become compromised by a series of former operatives writing their memoirs,
necessitating the creation a of a new organisation that would be truly clandestine and invisible.

When his boss instructs him to fly to the holiday island of Ibiza, on his first mission, to locate
and destroy a hidden ecstasy factory, Bell is told that 'there may be nothing in it'.
Only a beautiful girl recovering from a drug overdose in a private clinic in San Antonio holds the
key to the riddle.

When the criminal mastermind, who's supplying the whole of Western Europe with Paloma Azul (Blue Dove)
ecstasy tablets, threatens to vaporise half a million holiday makers with a thermo-nuclear device,
the clever and resourceful Thomas Bell digs deep and racks up the body-count to stop him.

Paloma Azul is a punk, thriller novel written in the graphic novel/ action movie mould with no
holds barred. Full-on adventure packed with drugs, sex and violence...Paloma Azul explores the
dark underside of the wildest of the Spanish Balearic islands where the world's beautiful people come
to party big time.Thomas Bell of course works for mi-x not mi-5 in this racy Ibiza novel adventure.

Paloma Azul by Richard Gill, ISBN:- 978-1-4457-7102-1. Find it on Amazon Kindle for 77p...

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